Details of Business

Our business outline

Ito Electronics, as a trading company specializing in electronics, provides support for customers to solve their problems, ranging from the procurement and sales of products to technical support in several fields such as Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Appliances, Automation and more.

Main Functions of Ito Electronics

Our primary services

Variety of parts procurement from multiple reputed global makers and distribution channels.

Consolidate parts of different makers and offer together to customers.

Select, organise, package, and deliver CKD and child parts specially to automotive manufactures.

Fetch parts securely using multimodal transport – Ocean, Air, and Road from across the globe.

Keep sufficient inventory. Very close to automotive hub in Gurgaon Manesar region. Well connected to all destinations in India.

Understand customer applications, network with part makers, map the specifications and offer solutions or alternatives. Quality control and improvement through reassuring manufacturer support.